Installing Noodle with MSSQL

The full database engine should be installed with all components, including the full-text search option before Noodle. (Noodle will install PostgreSQL if it finds no other local DBs)

Make sure you have Microsoft SQL Server 2012 or later installed. Download  here. EOL dates here.

  1. Create a Database
    • Open up the MSSQL Enterprise Manager.
    • Connect to the database engine that will be used for Noodle.
    • Right-click on the folder and select Create Database.
    • A new window will open to configure the database, Specify the name: intranet.
  2. Creating a Login
    • Expand the Security section and right-click on Logins then New Login.
    • Login Name: noodleuser
    • SQL Server Authentication
    • Password: noodlepass
    • Do not enforce password policy (at least don't require change or expire)
    • Default Database: intranet
    • Set User Mapping of the intranet database to db_owner
  3. Enable TCP/IP Settings
    • Right click on the instance and select properties, security, than select SQL Authentication
    • SQL
    • Open the Sql Server Configuration Manager and expand SQL Server Network Configuration.  Select Protocols for MSSQLSERVER, enable TCP/IP.
    • Right-click to reveal properties, ensure one IP# is set as
    • For all IP#s using and the IPAll set the port to 1433, and blank out the dynamic port.
    • Restart the MSSQL service
  4. Install Noodle
  5. Configure Noodle
    • Edit the "" file in the "C:\Program Files (x86)\Noodle\conf" folder
    • Verify the user, and pass
    • Uncomment (#) from the MSSQL lines and comment any other databases
    • Close and save changes.
    • restart the noodle service
  6. Open a web browser (preferably chrome), go to the IP and port ( is the default), and paste in your license key.