Change the port

  1. Make sure the port you want to use is not already in use:
    • Linux-like systems
      • netstat -ln | grep ":80 "
    • Microsoft
      • netstat -na | findstr ":80"
  2. Edit the connection port in server.xml (a text file) to an available port.
  3. Remember to update the OS and network firewalls.
  4. restart the Noodle service
  5. Update the Noodle setting “System Tools > Settings > URL for Noodle”

Microsoft Windows runs http.sys on port 80 by default. Disable http.sys by running these 2 commands:

  1. sc config http start= disabled
  2. net stop http /y

Or if you want to use both you can bind them to different IPs:

  1. http.sys IP (netsh http add iplisten ipaddress=
  2. Noodle IP (Edit the connection address in server.xml to