Change the port

  1. Make sure the port you want to use is not already in use:
    • Linux-like systems
      • netstat -ln | grep ":80 "
    • Microsoft
      • netstat -na | findstr ":80"
  2. Edit the text file cfg/multiserver.conf in the Noodle Home directory changing the line "Connection.CM_0.Port = 80" to an available port.
  3. Remember to update the OS and network firewalls.
  4. restart the Noodle service
  5. Update the Noodle setting “System Tools > Settings > URL for Noodle”

Microsoft Windows runs http.sys on port 80 by default. Disable http.sys by running these 2 commands:

  1. sc config http start= disabled
  2. net stop http /y

Or if you want to use both you can bind them to different IPs:

  1. http.sys IP (netsh http add iplisten ipaddress=
  2. Noodle IP (Connection.CM_0.BindAddress =