PostgreSQL bug on Windows Domain

There is a limitation of the PostgreSQL installer if you are using windows domains.

The installer will need to make a postgres user that have write permissions on %PROGRAMFILES%\Postgres.

If the PostgreSQL is/will-be unable to do so, please setup the permissions beforehand. Adding write for "Everyone" or adding rights for a new postgres user with the default password Pgsq1p@ssword will avert this limitation.

If you tried a normal noodle install and you have a black "upgrade in progress" screen then this is likely the problem. There is no need to reinstall noodle; just uninstall PostgreSQL, set up the permissions, download the PGInstaller and reinstall PostgreSQL.

After you install PostgreSQL you will need to edit the pg_hba.conf and make sure there is a " password" line.
Next run the init.sql in the Noodle folder with PGAdmin3 one line at a time.
Restart the PostgreSQL then Noodle service.