How to prevent emails (memo, reminder, auto-notification, notification, subscription) from Noodle from being marked as spam.

If you are hosted by Vialect and are using in the SMTP settings half of it is already taken care of:

  • If using SPF add our mail server, then verify with.
    • Lin
      dig sub.domain.tld TXT | grep spf
    • Win
      nslookup -type=TXT sub.domain.tld | findstr spf
  • If using Google mail client add a filter (to add a tag) for anything with your Noodle domain name in it.

If hosting Noodle on your own server or using your own SMTP server, additionally:

  • Whitelist the Noodle server (Postfix, Spamassassin, Exchange)
  • Use authentication in the Noodle setting
    • [user:pass@]domain.tld[:port][,protocol]

Another option is to use something like in the "Send system emails from" system setting.