How to prevent emails from Noodle from being marked as spam.

If you are hosted by Vialect and are using in the SMTP settings half of it is already taken care of:

  • If using SPF add our mail server, then verify with.
    • Lin
      dig sub.domain.tld TXT +short | grep spf
    • Win
      nslookup -type=TXT sub.domain.tld | findstr spf
  • If using Google mail client add a filter (to add a tag) for anything with your Noodle domain name in it.
  • If you are using an SPF please add

If hosting Noodle on your own server or using your own SMTP server, additionally:

  • Whitelist the Noodle server (Postfix, Spamassassin, Exchange)
  • Use authentication in the Noodle setting
    • [user:pass@]domain.tld[:port][,protocol]

Another option is to use something like in the "Send system emails from" system setting.

Check potential issues from

System Tools > Analytics > electronic mail address issues