Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML)


SAML allows for SSO using the Web Browser users credentials.

Noodle Prerequisites

If AD is being used, LDAP users should have already been populated within Noodle.

Quick reference

  1. Save your IdP URL and fingerprint in your SP (Noodle)
  2. Use https://yourNoodle.tld/SAML.po in your IdP settings and Web Browser.

Supported IdPs

Onelogin, Okta, and Azure
Note: Contact us for assistance integrating Other IdPs.

Noodle Configuration

In Noodle navigate to “System Tools > Settings > Single Sign-On”

Both URL & fingerprint will be supplied by your IdP vendor. Your IdP may provide an XML file which contains the URL and certificate, to convert the certificate into a SHA-1 fingerprint there are some online SAML tools:

Format Certificate

Calculate Fingerprint

IdP Configuration

Your IdP will require a location to direct SAML responses, use https://yourNoodle.tld/SAML.po.  Noodle will be compatible with the default settings of most IdPs.


  1. Navigate to "Administration > Applications > Add App"
  2. Search for "SAML Test Connector (IdP)"
  3. setting tabs
    • Info (all optional)
    • Configuration
      • ACS (Consumer) URL Validator = .*
      • ACS (Consumer) URL = https://yourNoodle.tld/SAML.po
      • the rest can be left blank
    • Parameters
      • Configured by admin
        • NameID (fka Email) = Email
    • Rules (all optional)
    • SSO
      • X.509 Certificate = 2048-bit
        • View details will show the fingerprint
      • SAML Signature Algorithm = SHA-1
      • SAML 2.0 Endpoint (HTTP)
        • This is the URL to save in Noodle
    • Access (all optional)
    • Users (make sure you add some)
    • Privileges (all optional)


  1. Azure Active Directory > Enterprise applications > New Application
  2. Non-gallery Application > Name can be anything > 2 Single sign on > SAML
    • set "Identifier (Entity ID)" to the domain name for the Noodle instance
    • set the "Reply URL" to https://yourNoodle.tld/SAML.po
    • copy the "Thumbprint" and "Login URL" to put in the Noodle settings