In 1995 Sun Microsystems created Java. Sun released Java under the GPL in 2006. Oracle Corporation acquired Java with the purchase of Sun in 2010. In 2019 Oracle stopped releasing security updates for LTS releases under a permissive license. OpenJDK is the upstream for all Java builds but does not release builds itself, so there are now many java distributions, some with additional patches. In addition to the Linux distributions (Debian/Ubuntu, Fedora/RedHat/CentOS, Arch/Manjaro, etc) building off OpenJDK for their package managers the following are available;

BuildPermissivePureCommercial Support
AdoptOpenJDK / JClarity / IBMYesOptionalYes
Azul ZuluYesNoYes
Amazon CorrettoYesNoYes
RedHat for WindowsYesNoYes

Windows users can subscribe to releases on github until the windows store catches up with Linux repositories since the year 1998