Noodle redirects

Noodle verifies redirects it sends to your browser.
If you are accessing Noodle through one IP/domain this will not effect you.
If you use multiple IP/domains via NAT etc you will need one of 3 solutions:

  1. Add the IP/domains to the hosts file
  2. Add the IP/domains to your DNS (as A/CNAME and PTR) pointing to the Noodle server
  3. Add the following to URLOverride = "https://noodle.domain.tld , or just: URLOverride = "/"

Be sure to update the "URL for Noodle" in the settings so that links in emails will resolve properly.
If you use multiple IPs without a domain name links in emails can not be expected to work reliably.
If you use multiple IPs on the same server you must bind to one of them.