Noodle Files

Noodle uses 4 things on the server

  1. The Noodle folder (older versions are named IntraNet)
  2. The database folders (can be on a different server)
  3. The Java Folder
  4. Optional tools; 7z and anything used by custom search filters

On windows these are inĀ %PROGRAMFILES(x86)% by default.

On Linux the Noodle folder is in /opt/ by default.

The Noodle folder contains the flowing things (in the enhydra sub directory on windows):

  1. log files in the logs folder
  2. configuration files in the cfg folder
    • These files contain #comments that make them self documenting.
  3. the multiserver script (or intranet.bat on windows)
  4. a tools folder
  5. JARs in the ./lib folder