There are numerous backup methods generally complete or partial, run hot or cold.

A simple method is a cold complete backup:

  • Stop Noodle
  • Stop the database
  • Copy the database folder and the Noodle folder to a different disk
  • Start the database
  • Start Noodle
  • Send the copy to a different physical location

More options for database backups include:

  • Hot complete backups: allow a snapshot of your database without stopping anything.
  • Hot partial backups: can be used to backup only recent changes, allow for point in time recovery, and reduce server load.
  • Hot partial backups: can also be used to keep a warm backup server in case of disaster - at any time it will be a usable exact copy of your production database.
  • Cold partial backups: can decrease the time of a cold complete backup.

Production environments should select a backup strategy to maximize flexibility while reducing server load and storage requirements.

For details on backup options please read your database documentation.

Also see  the windows postgres example