This page is for those who host on their own Windows server and are trying to diagnose the cause of a 404.

  1. If your browser on the server is displaying the page ( properly, it's a networking problem:
    • check port forwarding, routing, firewalls, and dns on the server, client, and every device inbetween.
  2. If your browser on the server is displaying the wrong page or anything other than a timeout, it's a service conflict (logs contains "Address already in use"):
    • Use a different port or stop and disable other services using port 80.
      • Windows - built in:
        • sc config http start= disabled
        • net stop http /y
      • Linux - list what is using the port:
        • netstat -lnp | grep ":80"
  3. If /logs/err.log said it can't find a class:
    • use 7z to check the build is not corrupted.
  4. If there is no noodle.log it's a .bat or Java problem:
    • run the intranet.bat one line at a time to isolate the problem.
    • reinstall Java and update intranet.bat to the new java.exe .
  5. If there is no java.exe in the task manager it's a config problem:
    • look in the log file for errors.
    • run a copy of intranet.bat without the loop or exit to find errors not in the log.