Setting Up Access Rights

Access Rights control who has permission to do specific actions in each and every area or element of your intranet. The following access rights can be controlled:

  • read: User can read the content
  • post: User can add new content
  • modify: User can change existing content
  • admin: User can access the administration tabs of the application

Noodle uses Access Rights to limit what a user can see and change.

  • Rights are often used for requirements like "hide the managers applications section from the sales department."
  • Group Rights allow for simplified rights management (generally user rights should only be used for special case users).
  • Group Rights are additive and are overridden by user rights.
  • Restricting read rights on a folder will prevent it, widgets linking to it, and items in it (what's new) from being seen by the users in the restricted group.
  • The admin user (username=admin, not users in the admin group) has full rights on everything regardless of Access Rights.
  • You can view folder rights from a user or group perspective or vice versa, user and group rights from a folder.
  • In addition to rights you can disable most features and applications to fulfill your needs.