Adding Users

Single User Addition

System Tools > People > fill out the Add User form
This method is useful when adding a small number of users. The minimum information that is required to create a user using this method is First Name, Last Name, Email, Username and Password. Users can also be placed in a group when created.

Multi User Import

System Tools > People > Import
This method makes it easy to create many users without having to manually fill out the Create User form. This import method is designed to take in any number of email addresses and create users with the first part of the email address for the username. For example, would create a user with the username ian.lafontaine. Any number of users can be created at once as long as the number does not exceed the amount permitted by your license. Once the email addresses have been pasted into the textbox, a group can be specified in which these users will be placed. Because of this, it is recommended to decide which users will belong to which Group and do the import for each Group separately.