Wikis Pages

You create and edit a Page with Noodle’s built-in WYSIWYG editor. If you know how to use Microsoft Word, then you can easily create, edit, and format a Page in Noodle. You can embed multi-media, such as images, links, slideshows, videos, and widgets using the embed code from popular social media sites.
Because Pages can hold any HTML they are often used to display portlets from other web applications like Yahoo stocks, YouTube, and RSS readers.


The Page application lets you create an intranet subsection to hold other Noodle applications.

  • Similar to Sections.
  • Can be nested
  • Tabs offer Headline and the Content view. You can change the default view in the Administration>Properties.
  • The content view can be one html or it can display portlets of many types, just like your HOME Dashboard.
  • Like all user applications, they can be moved around in the navigation with the (right click) cut and paste functionality (you can only past into another Page or Section).