Headline Pages and Adding Widgets

Designing your Headline Pages and Adding Widgets

If you click on any of the section headings you will notice that you can view them as “Headline” or as “Content”. Selecting Headline will give you the portal view.

With Noodle intranet software, you can create portal pages. These serve as virtual “home pages” for your intranet as a whole and for sections of your intranet. With widgets, you can dynamically add content to portal pages. Widgets act like widgets that grab content from various parts of your intranet. Portal pages are an attractive way to present the content of intranet sections, and to highlight important content.

There are two types of widgets: Dynamic Widgets and Static Widgets.

Dynamic Widgets (These widgets will pull information from an application and display it on a headline page)

Address Book, Blog, Calendar, Data Base, Discussion Forum, Document, Links, Merged Calendar, Media Album, Questions, Tasks.

Static Widgets (These widgets are independent of any applications)

Announcement, People, Poll, Search, Status (semi-dynamic), Tags, What’s new (semi-dynamic).