Creating Sections and Applications

Creating Sections

Sections define chunks of content within your intranet. Sections can reflect your company’s departments, locations, or projects, depending on what makes the best sense for your organization. Lets start by adding at least two new sections! You can edit these sections later by right-clicking on them and accessing the Administration option from the drop-down list. Example Sections: Human Resources, IT Department, Marketing, Sales, etc…

To add a new section, simply right-click on any existing section and select the + Add option, then chose the Section option at the top of the next screen.   Once prompted, enter a Navigation Label to name the new section and click Create.

Adding Applications to your Sections

Let’s start by adding three new applications to a section by navigating to the target Section and choosing the + button at the top right. Can we make a recommendation? How about adding a Folder, Calendar, and Blog! Once they are created, right-clicking on them will give you a drop-down list of options. You can easily add more, delete, and rename them in the future.