Calendar and Merged Calendar


The Calendar application plays a key role in an effective intranet. Create unlimited calendars and use them to publish upcoming company events. Each user within your intranet can also have a private calendar for personal or shared events. Departments can also have their own calendars. You can keep track of conferences, resources, webinars, and presentations.

  • The time date format is adjustable in your user profile preferences.
  • The mini calendar on the top right allows you to jump to a particular day/month/year.
  • Day/Week/Month/Schedule views are available, and the default can be set from administration>properties.
  • Importing and Exporting iCal files is supported.
  • Publishing a allows sharing events to MS Outlook, Google, etc.
  • Subscribing to an external calendar (iCal/webCal) is available in the administration>properties, it will remove all current events, prevent adding more events, and populate with the events from the feed.
  • Events can email reminders, have advanced repeating patterns, and support different time zones.

Merged Calendar

The Merged Calendar application makes creating a master calendar easy. With this app, you can display entries from any number of individual Noodle calendars. Now it’s a breeze to find ideal dates and times for meetings, teleconferences, and other company activities.