User Usage

User Usage Information

Steps to make IE behave more like Chrome or Firefox:

Upgrade to version 11 (or 8 if on XP)
Reset IE:
  1. Tools>internet options>advanced>reset>check delete personal settings>reset
  2. close IE (all windows)
Make IE usable on windows server:
  1. Tools>internet options>advanced>uncheck automatically recover from page errors with compatibility view
  2. Tools>internet options>security>select trusted sites>set to low>sites>uncheck "require https", remove all the current sites and add the Noodle url.
  3. Tools>internet options>security>select trusted sites>set to low>custom level>scroll all the way down and disable "XSS filter"
  4. tools>compatibility view settings> remove and uncheck all.

For mailto:

  1. Make sure you are on your Google Mail page.
  2. Copy/paste this into the address bar:
    • javascript:navigator.registerProtocolHandler("mailto","","Gmail")
  3. Add the javascript: to the front again if it got automatically trimmed. Then hit enter.

For webcal:

  1. Make sure you are on your Google Calendar page.
  2. Copy/paste this into the address bar:
    • javascript:navigator.registerProtocolHandler("webcal","","Google Calendar")
  3. Add the javascript: to the front again if it got automatically trimmed. Then hit enter.


If users experience a "Session closed" message there are 2 possibilities:

  1. The the user accessed Noodle with more than one IP address.
    • change the setting "System Tools>Settings>General Settings>Session Security Level (IP address matching)" to "0". ("4" being the maximum).
  2. The the user accessed Noodle with more than one cookie (or browser/OS)
    • solution: logout on one browser before using another.


There are prehtml posthtml prejs postjs JavaScript events on select pages.
The prejs and postjs events are for the running of the JS not for the loading of scripts by the browser.
There can me multiple postjs events as it's triggered after any ajax that adds to the page.
Nothing other than custom scripts listen for these events.

Usage example:

function my_method(){alert("hello world");}
top.noodle.cbc.addEventListener(top.document.getElementById('main'), 'postjs', my_method);

or if you are using IE:

function my_method(e){if(e.noodle=="postjs"){alert("hello world");}}
top.noodle.cbc.addEventListener(top.document.getElementById('main'), 'propertychange', my_method);

Set your clock to 24h for best results.

A simple windows backup example:

echo test once then you can double click to backup
exit -1
net stop Noodle
TASKKILL /T /F /IM java.exe
net stop PostgreSQL-9.1
FOR /F "TOKENS=1 eol=/ DELIMS=-" %%A IN ('DATE/T') DO SET yyyy=%%A
FOR /F "TOKENS=2 eol=/ DELIMS=-" %%A IN ('DATE/T') DO SET mm=%%A
FOR /F "TOKENS=3 eol=/ DELIMS=- " %%A IN ('DATE/T') DO SET dd=%%A
FOR /F "TOKENS=1 eol=/ DELIMS=:" %%A IN ('TIME/T') DO SET hh=%%A
FOR /F "TOKENS=2 eol=/ DELIMS=:" %%A IN ('TIME/T') DO SET mn=%%A
SET timedate=%yyyy%%mm%%dd%_%hh%%mn%
SET FOLDER=D:\PGSQL_data_backup_%timedate%
xcopy /E /C /I /H /Q "C:\Program Files (x86)\PostgreSQL\9.1\data" %FOLDER%
net start PostgreSQL-8.4
net start Noodle
"C:\Program Files (x86)\7-Zip\7z.exe" a %FOLDER%.7z %FOLDER%
rmdir /S /Q %FOLDER%
echo %FOLDER%.7z

Noodle verifies redirects it sends to your browser.
If you are accessing Noodle through one IP/domain this will not effect you.
If you use multiple IP/domains via NAT etc you will need one of 3 solutions:

  1. Add the IP/domains to the hosts file
  2. Add the IP/domains to your DNS (as A/CNAME and PTR) pointing to the Noodle server
  3. Add the following to intranet.conf: URLOverride = "https://noodle.domain.tld , or just: URLOverride = "/"

Be sure to update the "URL for Noodle" in the settings so that links in emails will resolve properly.
If you use multiple IPs without a domain name links in emails can not be expected to work reliably.
If you use multiple IPs on the same server you must bind to one of them.

Safari (GET/POST) requests sometimes block other requests.
In order to keep Noodle responsive we have disabled the instant features of Noodle on Safari.
We don't recommend using Safari; we do recommend Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer.

All quiz answers should be quite short (no setup or output, many assumptions)

  1. In IE with JavaScript get an xml object (as sent from the server) from an iframe
  2. Dynamically call a java Class and method from within java
  3. List the values of a column that have a 2nd column who's value is not in any other row with SQL
  4. From a POISX CLI in one line individually compress all iso files in all sub directories using no loops and with the date inserted into the filenames
  5. Output a Git histoy from the begining of the year in the format "graph tab date tab message"

For each question:

1 point for doing something logical
1 point for understanding/answering the question asked
1 point for getting a working answer
1 bonus point for being concise or explaining why the question/answer is useful

Clearing the DNS cache on your computer:

ipconfig /flushdns


dscacheutil -flushcache


/etc/init.d/nscd restart

You can't clear the cache on your ISPs DNS servers but you can use different servers (opendns, googledns, etc)

Noodle uses 4 things on the server

  1. The Noodle folder (older versions are named IntraNet)
  2. The database folders (can be on a different server)
  3. The Java Folder
  4. Optional tools; 7z and anything used by custom search filters

On windows these are in %PROGRAMFILES(x86)% by default.

On Linux the Noodle folder is in /opt/ by default.

The Noodle folder contains the flowing things (in the enhydra sub directory on windows):

  1. log files in the logs folder
  2. configuration files in the cfg folder
    • These files contain #comments that make them self documenting.
  3. the multiserver script (or intranet.bat on windows)
  4. a tools folder
  5. JARs in the ./lib folder