You need custom scripts enabled. function myico(){ var link = top.document.createElement("link"); link.type = "image/x-icon"; link.rel = "shortcut icon"; link.href = "/ShowItemData.po?handle=975527&download=favicon.ico"; top.document.getElementsByTagName("head")[0].appendChild(link); } myico();

Other ways to insert JavaScript here Press the "Edit" button Press the "More" button Press the "Source" button make a script tag put your Javascript in it If you want to use the page re-writer or otherwise effect other pages you will have to escape the scope of the page: <script> function temp(){ if(!top.noodle.custom){ top.noodle.custom=function(){ ...continue reading

You need custom scripts enabled. top.document.title = "Intranet"; function titleChange() { if(!top.noodle || !top.noodle.core || !top.noodle.core.title){ setTimeout("titleChange();", 1000); return; } top.noodle.core.title="Intranet"; top.document.title = top.noodle.core.title; } setTimeout("titleChange();", 1000); This is an example only; if you want to change the title please use "System Tools > Settings > Theme"

Custom scripts allow you to change the appearance and some actions of Noodle. You can inject custom javascript into Noodle on the login page, the main bar, and from any rich text input such as an announcement widget. You need access to the server for the main bar and login page but any user can use JavaScript injection from an announcement widget ...continue reading

Adding the following to your script injection will enable you to make page specific customizations: function temp(){ if (!top.noodle) { setTimeout(temp, 100); } if (top.noodle.custom) { return; } top.noodle.custom = function (){ var doc=top.noodle.mainWindow().document; var url=doc.location.href; //your code go here } }temp();

Make sure you adhere to formatting restrictions. 1. Add or un-comment the following line in the file: ScriptFile = “noodleScript.js” 2. Add custom JavaScript to noodleScript.js 3. Restart Noodle. To test put this in the noodleScript.js: alert("It works"); Save it and re-login to Noodle. Other ways to insert custom JavaScript here. You may want to ...continue reading